You weren’t rubbish, but you weren’t all that great, either.

It’s the year of missed chances and horrible timing, of making mistakes and believing in the wrong people, of second-guessing, of rude awakenings, of remnant heartaches, of new heartaches, and of wavering faith.

But it’s also the year when one in my circle married the love of her life and another one said yes to her forever.

The year when I finally started writing that story that’s been in my head.

The year those remnant heartaches have started to dull.

It is the year of shifting priorities, of deeper awareness, of the world surprising me with its kindness, and of people making me believe in magic again.

2016 had been ridiculously rough but it had been incredibly generous, nonetheless. It was heartbreaking, just as it should. Because the heart has to break, even just a little, for the things that matter.

I am here. The road is stretched out before me. I am grateful.



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