I wanted to go somewhere new (and cheap) for my birthday. Tingloy Island did not disappoint.

It’s fairly easy to go there. From Manila, just hop on a bus going to Batangas City Grand Terminal. From there, get on a jeepney headed to Talaga Port.

Now, this is where knowledge of monsoon can help you.

If it’s Habagat (southwest monsoon), then get off at Talaga Port. If it’s Amihan (Northeast monsoon), then get off at Anilao Port. Boat to Tingloy island changes port depending on the season because of the waves.

Once you get to the island, a tricycle ride is all you need to get to Masasa Beach.

Lomi with monster chicharon while waiting for boat to leave






Made friends with a boy and his dog



My Empress of the Rock moment



The water is so clear you can see the bottom even at waist deep








For more photos, check out my Flickr album.

A few things:

  1. Best to get to Anilao or Talaga early because you never know how many boat trips there will be. And on that note…
  2. Ask the captain the boat schedule for your trip from Tingloy back to mainland. Sometimes it’s just one trip early in the morning
  3. The campsites are disgusting. Really, people. You’re old enough to go camping but can’t clean up after yourselves?
  4. We did not book accommodations. Actually, we did not know there where accommodations there. We also didn’t bring a tent. What we did was ask the lady at the sari-sari store before the descent to the beach where we could stay and she pointed out the really small cottage at the beach. We have no idea what the cottage is used for, she just said we can stay there. For free. Okay.
  5. We did stumble upon a place offering accommodation while we were looking for things like toilets and food (we also did not bring food – we are not good role models). It’s just called Rosie’s place. They have lots of cottages and which are all fairly open.
  6. There a lot of dogs. They’re really very, very friendly. Much like the people in the island. I still cannot fathom how people can be so nice.
  7. We spent around Php800 each for the whole trip. That’s everything already.
  8. As with anywhere, do not litter, leave things as it were, follow rules, don’t leave your things unattended, and respect people, culture, and beliefs


Still chasing,



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