I’ve been hankering to go to the beach (well, do something, really) while I was browsing through the events in the Couchsurfing app when I came across an event called Incantatus.


Between the mountains and ocean. Why the hell not?


With press like that? Of course, I wanted to go. I figured a beach weekend filled with music is the best kick-off to Summer 2015. Luckily, 3 of my friends decided to join me, though they didn’t know that overnight camping might mean no proper toilet facilities and no shower.

Incantatus Festival was organized by Vulan. I think they’re a community that organizes events that are mostly focused on nature appreciation and non-mainstream music (Incantatus is mostly trance and deep house).


Zambales has always been my go-to when it comes to beach weekends. Yes, it’s much farther than Batangas but it’s really beautiful and peaceful. So, I was happy when I found out that Incantatus will be in Zambales. A three-hour bus ride and a one-hour boat ride later, we set foot on paradise.


Just around this corner...


Hello there, beautiful!



And what did we do when we got there? Pitch our tents, take a dip, and enjoy a couple of bottles of beer until The Brasspackers gave us a fun sunset serenade. The Brasspackers, I said? Well, they’re a French brass band and I just fell in love with them. Check out this short clip of them playing Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise. In brass.


In the thick of tent city


The product of some creative souls


Half of hollowed out bamboos are used as plates


Pilsen FTW
My go to beer


My newest love
My newest love, The Brasspackers.


The Brasspackers at sunset




In the evening (sorry, no photos. Having too much fun to take some), fire dancers performed by the bonfire and to the music provided by the Adinkra Lumads Djember Community.  After that, The Brasspackers performed again.

The evening was a bit of blur – it was basically one huge alcohol and music-filled beach party with people we just met. I think I went back to the tent to sleep around 4am already.

The morning was pretty slow. Sun, sand, beer in hand? Heaven.


Word of the wise


Pine trees on the beach? Yes.




My constant companions. That towel and those flip-flops had literally been to 8 different beaches with me.


Best Sunday morrning activity


My island ladies
Thanks for letting me bring you here, ladies!


As always, do not litter, take care of your belongings, respect the people, culture, and environment, leave it as you found it (or better), and take only photos and memories with you.


Still chasing,



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