I’ve always wanted to experience Chinese New Year in Binondo but had either been too lazy or too…lazy.

An opportune moment came when Piotr from Poland contacted me via Withlocals asking if I can create a personalized tour for him, his wife, and his kid. They wanted to see the real deal: Chinese New Year at the oldest chinatown in the world.

Of course, I said yes.

Colorful, loud, and very festive, Binondo on a Chinese New Year gives off the “carneval” vibe, as Anya put it. Fire dancers, dragon dancers, drummers, and vendors of various merchandise all vie for space in the narrow streets.

It was madness.

It was fun.

Check these photos out.






Binondo CNY
Ongpin St. during Chinese New Year


As with anywhere, take care of yourself and your belongings, respect the people and the culture, and put your trash in the proper place.


Still chasing,



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