Jomalig Island is one of those dots you see on the map that’s off of Quezon province and into the Pacific Ocean. Actually, it’s the first time I’ve heard of it.

How we got there: we left Manila at around 4am via Raymond Bus passing through Pililla, Rizal going to Real, Quezon. Boat from Real left around 11am and arrived in Jomalig Island at around 5:30pm. Yep. That long. Which means I have a lot of on-boat photos.

I did not get the chance to get bored, though, since I slept through most of it. Which is a good thing because anything more than 2 hours and get really antsy.

But you know what? It was so worth it.

The afternoon sun turns the sand golden and the sunset view is just perfection.





Just had to slip this photo in. Three large basins of lobsters. Yum.

In the morning, we walked along the shoreline. The sand is fine, which makes walking rather difficult. But, by the Goddess, such views.

Fine sand. Blue waters of the Pacific. I didn’t want to leave.


This is nature pretty much showing off

For more photos, check out my Flickr album

Some notes:

  1. Jomalig Island is only just recently getting their tourism industry off the ground so don’t expect a lot in terms of accommodation. If you’re cool with roughing it out, then this place is for you. If not, better go somewhere else.
  2. The 6-hour boat ride (per way) is the minimum. During monsoon seasons it can be as long as 9 hours.
  3. As with anywhere, do not litter, leave things as it were, follow rules, don’t leave your things unattended, and respect people, culture, and beliefs


Still chasing,



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