I caught this little piece of wisdom from the show The Crazy Ones. It was mentioned just in passing but I thought it really, really smart. And very possibly true.

There is no real order to life. We try to give it one. Actually, we try very hard. But just think about all the plans we made that didn’t happen. Think of the many times life shook us up everytime we start thinking that we have things figured out.

I can absolutely say that I don’t have things figured out. Actually, I can probably say that my life is in chaos right now. There are just a couple of things I’m sure of but I do not have everything figured out. Not even 50 percent. And maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

No grand masterplan.

No fate.

No destiny.

There’s just me, other people, the things I do, and the things other people do that launches a series of events that make up life.

And then I die. Then we all die. Some better than others, some before others.

The Catholic in me hopes for heaven, salvation, and even hell, just for the sake of going somewhere after. But in my head I believe that after life, it’s just a sea of nothingness.

And in my heart? Well, in my heart I believe there is life after death; that our lives will go on until the very last person we have affected breathes his last breath long after we’re gone.

Yes, life may be random chaos but in all that chaos, there has to be at least one thing we’re proud of, at least one thing we’re sure of, at least one thing we believe in, at least one thing we’d fight for, and at least one thing we live for.

And may we fill that space between our birth and our death with boundless love, unfaltering friendship, unshakeable faith, and infectious kindness, so that when we leave this life, we leave knowing that we found peace and happiness in the middle of that chaos.


Still chasing,



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