Since it’s February, let’s keep up with the theme, shall we?

I write a lot. And one of the things I like writing are letters. This month, I wrote a love letter that I decided to post here instead of sending by individual snail mail because I think it applies to every one, and not just to those I want to give this to.

Yes, this is a love letter, but probably not the kind you’d expect.


This is a love letter to the insane ones who dared to defy convention and the debatably sane ones who embraced it. To the brave souls who admitted that they have no idea where they’re headed but have confidence that they’ll get where they should be at the right time for them to be there (wherever that is).

This is a love letter to the strong hearts who stand up for what they believe in, regardless of whether or not it is popular in today’s reality. To the hopefuls who accept the possibility of growing old alone but still believe in finding a true and lasting love.

This is a love letter to the resilient ones who hold on and keep fighting, keep pushing for what they believe is theirs. To the faithful who took a giant leap, trusting to find everything they could ever hope for where they land.

This is a love letter to the beautiful people who see the good and the bad in everything and still choose to dwell on what’s good. To the generous spirits who accept that the world can be an ugly place yet still strive to see the beauty in all things.

This is a love letter to my friends.  Those amazing men and women who are probably as cheesy as I am being right now but are pretending not to be. To make them feel fluffy inside.





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