“Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the face.” ( to a five-year-old blind child)

– Helen Keller

I have always considered that it is a never-ending challenge to live a beautiful life. A beautiful life is a life filled -with people, experiences, and emotions – good or bad – that shapes you. A beautiful life is a life without regrets, a life well-lived, and a life of happiness.

I feel that I can only achieve living a beautiful life if I have three things: love for myself, enriching experiences, and people I love and care for to share myself and these experiences with.

But the thing is, I really do believe that to have and share truly enriching experiences with people I love and care for, the one thing I would have to have first is love for myself.

Last year, I have had to overcome the biggest challenge of my life so far – knowing how much I am willing to sacrifice and knowing who and what is worth sacrificing for. It was a tiring process but over the year I have come to realize the importance of the values and principles I was raised on – that there are just some things I need to stand up to as well as things I need to let go of.

Yes, I did feel empowered. Because now I know what it is I want and what would make me happy. Everything now happens because I chose not only what I thought are the right things but also the things that make me happy.

As I am chasing my goal of happiness, I know that I am now living a beautiful life.


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