A person’s life is shaped by many different things. Happiness, which enlightens one’s life, love, which fulfills it, or even misery which challenges it. But above all, life is shaped by choice, as choice is what truly defines it.

– Anonymous


Today’s prompt is something that has always held true in my life. I have always believed that my life is the result of the many different choices that I, and the people surrounding me, had made. After all, I am the way I am because of how my parents chose to raise me. I am who I am now because of how I chose to live.


My father and I talked a couple of weeks ago about life’s choices. According to him, between me and my sister, I am more impulsive and more prone to take risks. At first they were worried about this until they realized that I have never made a decision, impulsive or otherwise, that I wasn’t able to stand up to.


This is because I made a choice, when I was 16 years old,  to live a life devoid of any regrets.


I had always been a bit impulsive, by the way, but consciously making the choice to live without regrets has brought a significant change in the way I make my decisions and interact with people.


Every decision that I make and every action that I take is now based on this choice.  I often take stock and ask myself “is this something that I will regret doing/not doing?” And I found that because of this, not only do I make better decisions, but I also became grateful for bad experiences and the learning opportunities they present.


I also found that because of my choice,  I really try hard to live the best life I could. I spend more time with the people I love and value the most, I pursue love and happiness more than fame and fortune, I do things that I am passionate about and not things that other people expect me to do, and I make sacrifices for people and things who really matter.


In choosing to live life without regrets I have also, inadvertently, chosen to live a life of love, happiness, and passion.




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