First of all, this was last year.

My procrastination when it comes to the travel part of this blog knows no bounds, apparently.

Anyway,  early last year, I went on a weeklong Thailand-Laos trip. Was supposed to go alone but luckily found 3 friends who didn’t mind letting me drag them around walking all the time and eating street food in somewhat dubious places.

The best part of this trip for me? The food. Glorious Thai food.

And these lovely sights, of course.

Bangkok Ventiane 2017-1
Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, 2 Pan Rd, Khwaeng Silom

Bangkok Ventiane 2017-2

Bangkok Ventiane 2017-3


Bangkok Ventiane 2017-4


Bangkok Ventiane 2017-5

Bangkok Ventiane 2017-6
Wat Pho, 2 Sanamchai Road Grand Palace Subdistrict Pranakorn

Bangkok Ventiane 2017-10

Bangkok Ventiane 2017-15

Bangkok Ventiane 2017-18

Bangkok Ventiane 2017-19

Bangkok Ventiane 2017-28

Bangkok Ventiane 2017-30

Bangkok Ventiane 2017-31

Bangkok Ventiane 2017-37

Bangkok Ventiane 2017-38

Bangkok Ventiane 2017-43
Wat Arun
Bangkok Ventiane 2017-44
Bangkok graffitti
Bangkok Ventiane 2017-159
Outside Nong Khai train station

Bangkok Ventiane 2017-167

Bangkok Ventiane 2017-193
Nong Khai 6am flag raising

Bangkok Ventiane 2017-210


  1. We stayed at LubD Hostel in Silom. Loved it. Very accommodating. Also, it is quite near (walking distance near) several points of interest like the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, Nielson Hays Library, the culinary delights of Silom Soi 20, Wat Hua Lamphong, the great street food of Soi Convent, and Patpong night market.
  2. The Google Maps app can be your best friend. Get detailed instructions that include train and bus numbers when trying to find the quickest way to your destination.
  3. Most establishments have Wi-Fi, but if you’d rather not be disconnected, go get yourself a traveler SIM at the airport. Since the 4 of us where pretty cheap, we only got one and we all just tethered. Really fast 4G internet from Bangkok even all the way to Nong Khai. All at 300 baht
  4. About the food. If you’re the type who is sensitive to spicy food, ask before you order. Most dishes are spicy, but they do offer non-spicy options.
  5. You won’t have a problem with Forex.
  6. Follow the rules of the temples that you visit. Remember that the Thai go to the temples to pray. DO NOT DISRUPT THEM.
  7. Use SUNSCREEN like crazy. And never be without mosquito repellant.
  8. Bring water when you walk around especially if you’re there in the summer.
  9. Be adults and throw your trash in the proper places. And just a reminder: cigarette butts, candy wrappers, and straws are trash. Don’t just go tossing them about.
  10. As with anywhere, do not litter, leave things as they were, follow rules, don’t leave your things unattended, and respect people, culture, and beliefs


For more photos of this trip, check out my Flickr album.


Keep chasing,




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