Found myself finishing work up early one very rainy afternoon in August 2016 and, since I was in the area, decided to visit the National Museum.

I haven’t been there since I was a kid. I guess I could say I have a better appreciation for the works of art that’s there now than I ever could as a kid.

So. Some photos:


Some notes:

  1. Entrance to the National Museum is FREE. Forever (well, at least until they decide to un-free it). Feel free to drop by anytime within museum hours any day of the week except Mondays.
  2. Taking photos are allowed, as evident by my photos, but the rest of your belongings should be left in the baggage area. They’ll give you a number.
  3. It’s housed in the building that used to be where the Philippine senate holds session so there’s a huge hall in the middle. They occasionally hold visiting galleries or short-term showcases there.
  5. Remember that you are in a place that houses priceless works of art by some of the Philippines’ revered artists. Act accordingly. I saw a group of students running around the hallways before the guards admonished them. Heathens.
  6. As with anywhere, do not litter, leave things as they were, follow rules, don’t leave your things unattended, and respect people, culture, and beliefs

For even more photos, check out this album in Flickr.


Still chasing,




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