A couple of months ago, I was involved in making sure that my sister’s pre-nup photo shoot run smoothly. It did, and while they were busy, I was able to go around and snap a couple of pictures.

We were at Bonifacio Global City, one of those areas in Metro Manila that’s losing most of its green spaces because of high-rise buildings. The green spaces that they do have, however, are nice and well-maintained. Mostly.

I’m posting these two pictures of benches that I took simply because I felt giddy that they contain parts of the lyrics (incidentally, my favorite parts of the lyrics) of two of my favorite songs. I found these in a block I have always passed by but have never looked closely at, being overrun by weeds and led up to by a muddy path.

These two songs talk about rainbows, and the popular notion that at the end of the rainbow is where we’ll find our dream. Some may dream of a long illustrious career, living the high life in a fast city. Some may dream of a big family, living happily in a sleepy town. We each have a different rainbow’s end, a different kind of pot of gold. But we should all do the same thing: follow our rainbow and earn our pot of gold.








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