I have mentioned before (like, so many times already) that my favorite place in Manila is Intramuros. I could, and have, gladly spend a day there just exploring or hanging out.

I also previously wrote a blog about a DIY Intramuros Tour that I did a couple of months back. I mentioned that Intramuros on a Good Friday is something that is really good to experience. So, this is like a follow-up to that previous post.

Intramuros on a Good Friday is just bustling with activity. General Luna street, which is your usual sleepy Intramuros street becomes a hive of color and movement during Good Friday. The street is closed to vehicles, of both engine and horse variety, so that people could safely walk along the street.





Vendors fill both sides of the streets selling everything from books, to gadget casing, to food. There’s even a guy carrying pots of bonsai plants for sale. For those curious, food offerings include, but are not limited to, corn, mangoes, dried squid, fishballs, hotdogs, all types of drinks, cotton candy, potato chips, and there’s even an area where you can get a complete meal.






Apart from that, there’s also the occasional procession of some people whose penance is flagellation. It’s very rare nowadays, which is why I was surprised I even saw some.



Some notes:

1. Intramuros is a national heritage and should therefore be treated as such. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that vandalism is not treating a national heritage properly.

2. While haggling is acceptable, do keep it fair and friendly. The vendors are there to earn a living.

3. Good Friday in Intramuros is festive, but please do keep in mind that it is also a religious holiday that commemorates the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. Observe proper conduct in religious sites.

4. The food sold there are basically street food. So, if your stomach is sensitive or you easily get sick when cleanliness conditions are not ideal, I suggest you skip the fruits and go for the grilled food stuff. Or skip the street food altogether but please don’t mind me saying that I pity you for missing out.

5. As with everywhere else: respect the people and their culture, secure your belongings, follow rules, and don’t litter.



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