This has actually been a long time coming. It is no secret that I love books. A friend of mine used to laugh at me back in college because I would gladly go without lunch because I used my money for books. Now, I would gladly go poor for a couple of days because I spent more than my budget on books.

Books has always been a part of my life. Some of my fondest memories include me, my sister, and my parents lounging around at home on Sunday afternoons, each reading books we get lost in. I grew up seeing rows and rows of books that my parents read and collect. A trip to the mall is never complete without passing by a bookstore; until now, the bookstore is my first choice to go to if I need comfort.

So, I guess it is only natural that I start a blog on the books I read. And since I really don’t want to maintain more than one blog, I decided to just add a section here for it.

This book blog would reflect my taste; eclectic. I don’t follow trends, I don’t read books just because they’re popular, and I don’t read books to seem smart. I usually choose the books I read because I got curious about the story, or I read description at the back and liked it.

I very rarely dislike a book. Very rarely. I consider the time I spent reading as time well invested. Plus, some books really make me think, some give me answers to nagging questions. Whenever I need to make a decision or need to think about something, I read a book. I usually find the answers there. And I figured that I should write down the stuff I think about whenever I read something.

So, here goes.


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