I’ve had several epiphanies the past few weeks; epiphanies that are overwhelming (both in a good and bad way) at first. Well, to be honest, they’re a bit overwhelming even until now. But as with almost every big thing that comes my way, I have decided to tackle it piece by piece.

So, in preparation for future plans, I have decided to add one more thing to my numerous 2012 projects. This year, I plan to reclaim my creativity.

Let me explain.

I write. A lot. But, as I was reading through everything I’ve written, I realized that there’s a big difference between what I wrote before and what I’m writing these days. Not going to bore you with details but the bottom line is this: I used to write better. Way better.

And I’m not just talking about blog. I used to write poems and short stories. I even wrote a book for one of my creative writing classes. Granted, it was hurried and bit controversial in my class but I did get the highest possible grade you can get for it.

Now, I cannot even finish a single poem. I have started so many pieces, but I realized I haven’t finished anything for the past 4 years.

I haven’t quite pinned down the reason behind it. It could be because I haven’t really put an effort in my writing. Maybe it’s because I haven’t had the time to put my ideas to paper. Maybe I didn’t have such great ideas due to the fact that I was so focused on work the past few years and missed out on all the other wonders this life had to offer.

Whatever the reason is, I found that I could not write as well as I did before. It was not lack of inspiration, no. I think I have more than enough when it comes to inspiration. But contrary to popular belief, writing is not just about being inspired. It is like a muscle, you have to regularly use it to make sure that it is in proper working form.

Which is what I plan to do. I have to get back in tip-top shape, writing-wise.

My plan?  Read as many books as I can, listen to as many new music as I can, and revisit what I previously started and try to finish them (like, all 50 of them).

Hopefully, I would be able to churn out something close to what I could produce 5 years ago.


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