Let those that would move the world first move themselves.- Socrates


I have a fear of regrets.


As far as I can remember, having regrets has scared me more than death. I’ve always thought of death as the next great adventure after this life while I’ve always thought of regrets as hindrances for having lived a beautiful life. It is because of this fear that I follow my impulses and that I take risks.


The past year has been a significant period of change for me; people and opportunities came and went, priorities shifted, and I was left to make decisions that would change the course my life is taking forever. Over that period, I have come to realize one thing:


Everything in life is fair game.


I may get everything my heart desires, I may not. I may live happily for the rest of my days, I may not. I may know and enjoy love, I may not.


But I will try.


Trying, I know, is not a guarantee that I would achieve all my goals. What it guarantees for me, however, is that I do not live this life wondering all that could and might have been. This is the reason I fully embrace life, the reason I love fully and deeply. This is the reason I dream big.


Life will always be longer than expected yet shorter than planned. I will never ever know how long my future will be but I know that I will never regret that I filled that space between my birth and my death with people I love, experiences that matter, and lessons I’ve learned.


They are my inspiration. They compel me to move.



2 thoughts on “#MyPath Challenge Day 1

  1. Hi,
    Enjoyed reading day one. Your philoshophy is worthy to be embraced. Looking forward to reading along. Hope to write my day one challenge later today…stop by and read if you would like. I sure hope I can get it linked to Twitter…this I have not been able to do with success in the past(guess it can be a goal).


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