Last October, I took a pledge that I hope would greatly impact my life.

I pledged to the Self-Guided Path.

The Self-Guided Path is a writing initiative that will start on January 3, 2012. For 14 days, inspiring quotes from inspiring people will be posted along with some questions for reflection. The challenge is for me to write or create something as I reflect on each prompt.

The goal of this initiative is to help those who pledged fulfill their dreams.

I want to share this with you, guys.

For more details, click this link: The Self-Guided Path

One thought on “My Path to Self-fulfillment

  1. Hi Lyra,

    Thanks so much for taking the pledge and writing about what we’re doing with MyPath! We’re really looking forward to getting started in January.

    So happy to have you onboard! 🙂

    Take care,



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