We are meant to explore, to discover, to move, to find what makes us live.

There is wisdom in the words “a man unwilling to fight for what he wants deserves what he gets.” Everyday we have to fight circumstances, our own fears, and bad timing. If we don’t, we’ll get nothing. And we’ll deserve nothing.

So I fought to be able to write. Everyday, I fight with a myriad of things – distractions, discouragement, my mental state – to write. Because I know that for as long as I am able, I owe it those who aren’t to tell their stories.

Writing is my double-edge sword; the source of both happiness and sadness, the cause of both hope and discouragement, and the result of both wonder and despair.

And in the quest for the ever-elusive mastery, in the struggle to achieve greatness in learning, is the never-ending passion for words and stories and the people and feelings behind them. There is living the dream of telling their stories. And that is enough.