The Nile isn’t just a river in Egypt

The Nile is just a river in Egypt, you think. But…

Your gut has not failed you before.

So how come you’re not following it now?

Is it because you think that no, it’s not really like that?

You know what that monstrous thing is about. You’ve seen movies, read books, and heard stories about it. You’ve seen articles and infographics.

You watched Silent Voices and you raged over the unfairness of it all. And you wonder how, how, how can people do such things to people they claim to love.

This just isn’t it.

Because it’s just protectiveness. You’re simply being looked after. You really are much safer at home than out at midnight with your friends.

So when your gut tells you that something seems odd, you ignore it.

Because this is what’s best for you. You can’t be trusted on your own. There are far too many people out there who want to take advantage of you.

So when your gut insists that this is wrong, you tell it to shush.

Because it’s your fault. You didn’t keep the peace. You acted like the virgin when you were supposed to be the whore. It gets confusing when the rules keep changing.

So when your gut begs you to leave, you stay.

Because this is love and you’re supposed to show that love even when you’re so sick you can’t even sit up.

So when your gut screams at you to run, you dig in.

Because it was an accident. Such big hands can’t help marking the skin when they’re fueled by rage. You have an amazing collection of turtlenecks anyway. Nevermind that it’s in the middle of summer.

Your gut got it wrong this time. Because this is not the same as that horrible thing that 1 out of 5 women suffer. No, this is not it.

You are not a fucking statistic.

You keep repeating these things over and over and over again until one day, when after years of avoidance, you wake up and look at yourself in the mirror and hate what you see.

And you realize, with both relief and trepidation, that you have come to the point where the Nile is now simply just a river in Egypt.

Still chasing,

Sign off


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