At the start of the year, I decided to be proactive when it comes to writing. No more writing just when I felt like it – I decided to dedicate at least six hours every week to writing. Be it a blog post or a part in my Project Short Story that is turning into a Project Novella.

Anyway, last February, I stumbled upon The Short Stories Club. In the website, it is described as “a blog dedicated to publishing monthly short stories by a variety of up-and-coming writers. Some of the writers on this blog are authors of published books, others are in various stages of completing their debut novels.

Sounds perfect. So, I sent an inquiry and after exchanging a couple of emails, was invited to be a contributing writer. Yay!

One of the things I was asked was why am I joining. Five reasons:

1. It would force me to practice writing and to tap into more sources of creativity.

2. It would allow me to write about different things (based on the month’s theme) and not just things I’ve always been comfortable to write about.

3. I was hoping to get feedback about the things I write. Like, is it easy to read, does it make people think, does it touch people? Those are the things that are important to me and the more people I reach, the more variety of feedback I could get, therefore, more opportunities to improve.

4. Being in the (virtual) company of other writers will keep me inspired and motivated.

5. I think that it is a great platform for getting my work out there. Because Michel said it best, “you need to let the world read you,” and I guess this is my first step.


So, do check out The Short Stories Club and let me know what you think. I’ll also be sharing my stories here, just look for them in the Stories section.


Keep going,

Sign off


*Writer name in The Short Stories Club is Lyra Reyes or Lyra G.L. Reyes



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