I know this is pretty late but, what the hell, I was busy. A lot of people have already made a review of their year; some based it on achievements, some on places visited, some on number of items crossed off their bucket lists. To each his own.

The year 2012 was the year I was looking forward to back in 2011. See, my 2011 was so…ugh. The year 2012 was my bwelo year, the year that things would start to finally, little by little, fall into place. As it turned out, 2012 has given me more than I asked for, both in a good and overwhelming (not necessarily bad) sense.

No, this is not a gratitude post. I already made one before. This is my 2012 in review, based on milestones (mine and people close to me).


The year was a productive one.

And I mean that literally. The year was just full of pregnancy announcements, and it’s babies galore on Facebook (sometimes to the point of annoying). Don’t get  me wrong, I love babies and kids. I just don’t think it’s proper to update the world everytime your baby farts. I also don’t think your kid, when he/she grows up, would appreciate pictures of their naked baby selves plastered all over the internet. Think of the childhood trauma it would cause, knowing that probably millions of people have seen their baby pictures. But, I digress.

Before the year ended, three of my close friends have given birth. Then another two friends announced that they were expecting. And not only do I feel happy for them, I also feel that this signals a milestone for all of us, even those without kids. See, it shows that we are at an age when we are (hopefully) capable of sustaining another life, of leading a brand new person through this jungle and getting them through to what they are supposed to be. The questions now, of course, is if we are ready. Not all of us are. But we are at age when we should be. Just in case the stork comes to visit.


It was a year of leveling up in terms of love.

I attended three weddings this year, one of which is my sister’s. A close friend got formally engaged (as if we didn’t see that one coming). A few other friends also got engaged and I’ve been hearing wedding plans everywhere. Some single friends got attached, some single friends became pseudo-attached, and some attached friends became single then attached again (though not necessarily to the same person).

There’s something in the air. Or, more accurately, something in my age group. Much like with the abundance of babies, I treat this abundance of engagements and weddings as a sign that people my age  a) know what they want in terms of love and partnership, b) have hopefully graduated from all the drama that causes break-ups in the first place, and c) mature enough to deal with the idea of “forever.” And of course, it makes me so happy to see my loved ones so happy.


Bucket list strike-offs.

I was able to strike out a couple of items from my bucket list this year. It’s nice to know that since I made that list a public thing, I became more conscious of updating it. Hence, I became more sensitive to situations that bring opportunities for bucket list items. For example, getting a picture with the Oblation. I also became inclined to work hard for some of those items like taking up Yoga, learning to meditate, reading 5 Coelho books, or watching The Godfather trilogy in one sitting. Then there are bucket list items that got struck off out of sheer disregard for personal embarrassment/planning/finances like teaching a class, singing on stage, going through the Cu Chi tunnels of Vietnam and hiking up Pinatubo.

Regardless of how I was able to do them, I will always remember 2012 as the year I was able to consciously go after them. And I believe, if things go according to plan, that I will be able to strike off some more.


Pinatubo Finally Happened.

In connection with above, after 4 years of planning-that-never-got-out-of-the-planning-stage, I was finally able to hike up Mt. Pinatubo. After all the postponement, the fact that it finally happened deserves its own paragraph.


Racked Up On Friendship Badges.

As a lovely friend put it, my relationships in 2012 have leveled-up. This was the year I was able to reconnect with friends I felt like I took for granted back in my,uh, dark ages. I’ve come to realize that while I’m privileged enough to enjoy the kind of friendships that don’t need constant dinners or meet-ups to be sustained, I can’t enjoy my friends’ company if I don’t actually see them.

I can, without hesitation, say that I have the best groups of friends ever; these crazy, sometimes weird, people have been there for me not only in fun times, not just when I needed them, but even at times when I thought I didn’t need anyone but actually do. And I realized in 2012, when I began to spend more time with them again, that these are the people I get to have in my life. Hopefully forever. And I couldn’t ask for more.


A Year of Validation.

The year 2012 was a year of validation for me. Back in 2011, I had a period of enlightenment (yes, after the “dark ages” come the period of enlightenment) and decided to screw convention and popular notions. because I will live my life according to my passions.

So far, it’s working out fine for me. Career-wise, I am happy. Friendships, as I’ve said, are leveling up. Life plans are now actual plans and not just mere hopes and dreams. And I credit all that to me being more focused and sensitive to the things that I am passionate about. Apart from a few frustrations and stresses, I am generally happy and feel that my life is finally on the path that it’s supposed to be. Having the right people in it helps a lot too.


Even if it breezed by so fast, so many things happened in 2012 that it’s sometimes difficult to believe that a year has passed already. I always figured that 2012 was my “bwelo” year. And I was right. What I didn’t expect was that I would be this happy for so many things. I sooooo look forward to what 2013 has in store.


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